The Mobinol Fuel Company's Institute for Research, Development, and Commercialization works to support the Green Energy Farmers Cooperative, a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to pursue biomass

​                                              SCIENCE
            VOL 344 16 MAY 2014
 Lignin Valorization: Improving Lignin
       Processing in the Biorefinery
Arthur J. Ragauskas,Gregg T. Beckham,Mary J. Biddy,Richard Chandra,Fang Chen,Mark F. Davis,Brian H. Davison,Richard A. Dixon,Paul Gilna,Martin Keller,Paul Langan,Amit K. NaskarJack N. Saddler,Timothy J. Tschaplinski,Gerald A. Tuskan,Charles E. Wyman

The Mobinol Fuel Co. in joint venture with The Green Farmers Cooperative produces:

                                    Lignoil Cellulose

                                  Lignoil Chemicals

                                       Lignoil Fuel

                            Lignoil Glow & Lignoil Fade- two new
                                  skin care cosmeceutics
Conversion of biomass such as switchgrass or corn stover can be done on the farm with materials and methods that are easy to use.
Lignin can be formulated into Lignoil Fuel ( liquid fuel ) or Lignoil Chemicals and Lignoil cosmetics . Densified  residual cellulose solids can be fermented into fuel ethanol or processed into chemicals.
Transporting  lignin and  densified cellulose            by rail, truck,or plane to a biorefinery is more economical than transporting raw biomass
Lignoil Process Alkcell Process
Processing of lignin to fuels & useful chemicals; using residual cellulose solids for chemicals  or conversion to fuel ethanol 
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